Who Makes Versea?

Who Makes Verséa?

Verséa CBD products are made by the parent company, Verséa Holdings Inc. Verséa Holdings Inc. is a reputable company that is composed of pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals with a broad range of experiences in the industry. The company makes full-spectrum CBD salves and oral sprays, among other products.

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About Verséa Holdings

Verséa Holdings is a multinational healthcare company that is focused on promoting scientific research and the development and commercialization of various innovative pharmaceutical products supporting a wide range of health conditions.

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Verséa Prescription Hemp Division

Verséa was one of the leading advocates for the legitimization of hemp as a holistic medical alternative in the United States. The company partners with leading cannabis researchers to promote the understanding of cannabinoids and other hemp plants components in order to produce and commercialize quality medical-grade and hemp-based formulations.

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The Verséa Non-Prescription Medical Hemp division

Verséa also has a non-prescription medical hemp division. This branch of the company is focused on producing and commercializing high-quality hemp-derived products with scientific backing. Verséa non-prescription hemp products have a high purity and higher concentration than regular consumer brands based on patented technology.

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Verséa CBD Products

Verséa produces salves and oral sprays that can be used as pain relief spray, hemp relief cream, and a broad range of other applications. All Verséa products are made in the United States, from naturally grown, non-GMO hemp plants. The products are formulated using patented methods that ensure maximum CBD absorption (up to four times more than standard CBD).

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