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"I’ve been a runner all my life and now that I’m getting older have been feeling the aftermath of all those miles. For the past year, I have noticed knee, elbow and hip pain. I wanted something NATURAL, so I started using Verséa CBD and after a couple months was pain free. I felt so good that I stopped using it for a couple months, my pain returned, so I resumed using Versea and am happy to report that I’m pain free again. I recommended it to my neighbors who were receiving shots in their back and knees due to excruciatingly pain and they are ecstatic because they were able to stop all the shots and are pain free!!".

Sue Shaughnessy

“I have had discomfort and inflammation for years. I have tried radiofrequency and other treatments. I asked my doctor about a new CBD product called Verséa. I tried it and from 45 minutes after, I have noticed a difference and continue to use it to this day.”.


"Please know that your product has improved the quality of my life so much! I have chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. And your product makes things so much better.  It helps not just me, but my fiancé and teenage daughter notice a difference, as apparently, I am much less “cranky” when taking your CBD. So they are so much happier. They and I are glad that I found something that helps so much!".

Pat Trella

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