What Is A Hemp-Derived Therapeutic?

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Verséa Wellness offers professional-grade broad-spectrum  hemp  products that are available through your healthcare provider and now direct to your door. Verséa  hemp derived  products use patented technologies and proprietary  formulations to deliver maximum  absorption, which allows it to work faster with better results. Below, we’ll explain what a hemp-derived therapeutic is. Shop our hemp products today!

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Cannabinoid Products Which Are Hemp-Derived

Hemp-derived simply means that the product you are using is made from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is a different variety than the marijuana plant that is known for its high THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, content. Since the cannabis plant absorbs what is in the soil, lab tests confirm that there are no heavy metals or contaminants from the soil in the product. A therapeutic is simply a product that treats a condition, ailment, or disease. Thus, our hemp derived broad spectrum  products may  help to relieve a variety of conditions and symptoms.

Any THC in the Product is Removed or Neutralized

We understand that it is super important that your CBD products be free from THC, which is the compound that produces the high sensation. During testing if any THC in our CBD products is found, it is removed or neutralized to ensure you are putting only CBD into your body.

US Grown and Processed

Verséa only uses the highest-grade CBD in our products because we want to ensure that our clients are receiving the best treatment possible. All of our CBD is sourced from organic hemp that is non-GMO and grown right here in the United States where quality control is of the essence.

Lab Tested and Finish Tested by a Third Party

Every hemp plant that we use in our CBD products is tested in order to make sure that it contains what it is supposed to with no contaminants and no THC. Our leading pain management physicians develop and approve each formulation. We value our clients and only want the best for them.

The team at Verséa is incredibly passionate about ensuring your health and well-being. We believe our CBD products that are clinically formulated, hemp-derived, and use broad-spectrum CBD will help you with your condition, ailment, or disease.  Not only do we want the CBD products you choose to be effective, but we also want you to feel safe about what you put in your body. Visit our website, and shop today!

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