7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Quality When It Comes to CBD

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If you’re considering buying a CBD product, make sure that it’s quality! It’s important that you buy quality products for many reasons. Your CBD products should be safely made, regulated, and carefully crafted. Here’s why you should buy quality CBD!

1. Quality Means Clean-Made 

At companies like Verséa, quality means that the products are made cleanly. Hemp-derived CBD that is not regulated could be exposed to pesticides or other harmful contaminants. These contaminants could possibly make you sick or reduce the effectiveness of the product. 

2. Impressive Product Consistency

Quality companies value product consistency. That’s why Verséa follows current good manufacturing practices, or CGMP. CGMP is an FDA regulation for products. These regulations involve drug strength, design, manufacturing, and purity. 

Buying your CBD product from a quality company means that you’ll never have to worry about inconsistencies. These inconsistencies could impact how your product looks, how it’s made, and more. Consistent products are good products!

3. Superior Levels of CBD

CBD levels dictate how effective your product will be. Higher levels of CBD typically mean that a product will work better for you. These products will generally have stronger effects and require less for it to work. 

At Verséa, we guarantee that your CBD levels will be consistent and potent. Our products are superior to others because of this. We want to make sure that your CBD product is effective!

4. Carefully Crafted Formulas

We take care to craft our product formulas to be top-quality. This means that unlike other CBD products, we’ve taken the time with our creators to find the perfect formula. Our innovative researches dedicated incredible hours of research to quality crafting. 

Our formula is an MCT oil-based creation. We’ve crafted our products for 4.4x more absorption than other products on the market. We test our solution for consumer satisfaction. 

5. Regulated Levels of THC

Buying your CBD product from an unknown brand mean an unregulated or high level of THC or other cannabinoids. In order to be a safe, quality CBD product, there needs to be less than 0.3% in the product so that you won’t experience any mind-altering effects. Quality, hemp-derived CBD generally contains 0% THC.

6. The Label Tells All

CBD product labels should include a listing of THC and CBD levels. The label should have the company name, ingredients, and instructions as well. This is a way for a company to show that they care about your safety and that your product will work. 

7. Your Product is Derived From Hemp

CBD products derived from hemp are typically more potent, and can even include additional helpful effects. These effects can come from the vitamins and minerals that the hemp plant absorbed. Hemp additionally is easy to monitor for harmful contaminants, like pesticides. 

Try Superior CBD Today!

Good CBD will help you know that your CBD experience will be safe and enjoyable. Quality companies ensure that your product doesn’t contain contaminants, is consistent, is free of other cannabinoids, and is derived from hemp. At Verséa, we work hard to ensure that you’ll enjoy your CBD products! Try our products today.

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